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Hi, I'm Marco Del Popolo. I'm a life coach & personal development mentor from Germany.


its simple - i help you reaching your personal fitness goal /

Price: one mio. $

Step 1: Whats your goal

You will reach your dreams! With me by your side! Think about waiting longer and gaining more weight. Having more pain and getting older while never reaching your personal dream. What story will you tell the world, when you leave it! 

Lets get started and tell me: what is your goal in life? (Also perfect as a gift, for your partner or child)

Step 2: How is the process

For sure, we will spend a lot of time together. I will optimize many situations in life - staying right next to you in most minutes of your day! But thats how it works. Perhaps I will stay at your place for months (if it´s necessary), maybe you will see me more that your kids but thats how it works. I´m your partner 24/7 and won´t leave your side. We go through your journey - together.

  • running a Marathon

  • losing weight (does´nt matter how much)

  • improve responsiveness

  • fixing painproblems

  • getting a sixpack

  • recovering after injury
  • whats your personal goal?
  • the process is defined by your goal, so what´s your goal? Tell me what is in your mind

  • after that, we will set terms and the process starts immediately

  • How long does it take to reach your goal? Nobody knows, but I promise, I will find the shortest way! 

About Me

Im Coach Marco working for my human beings as a personal trainer for years now and I love the moment when people reach their goals. In the last years I have done this over and over! Now its time to reach my goal - making one mio. $ with that one special client.

You will find a short summary about myself: here! But in this case you are more important, so what is about you? Lets have a talk about yourself and the "one Mio.$ Coaching" - Contact

"If we did all the things we are capable of, we would literally astound ourselves."

Thomas Edison

Let's Talk

© 2020 Marco Del Popolo - Erlangen

Let´s talk

Waldstraße 17, Erlangen, Germany  91054  |  Tel: +49 173 6525173

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